With Troy and Pharaoh moving out from the usual gold / florins and food resource standard of Total War, and with now more than 6 different resources that you need to take care of (a la Age of Empires), I wanted to ask if anyone managed to do resource editing. In the new games, food seems to always be a problem, especially in the first 20-30 turns, and with the advent of the general climate crisis within the game, it makes it even more difficult in the beginning. Also, the resource generation of bronze for example seems to be a bit unclear to me, because there are no specific ways to generate bronze (like a mine), it's just "buildings" listed as bronze generators. It's all a bit confusing.

Did anyone manage to do resource editing, mod the game to add / lower the resources? Using EditSF (and maybe PackFileManager in the future), I could not identify the resouces at all, it seems they're hidden.

Resource editing, modding, anyone?