Hi, didnt know how to title this,i just got back to playing RTW i had the original on CD years ago and w10/ 11 wouldnt let me play it anyway managed to up load it to steam and even uloaded a mod Imperator 2.i know this isnt the current mods but its one i knew from backmin the day.
To the point of the post,RTW when i was starting a battle it would allow me to set my army up,then i would press start on the screen and battles starts,i could also fast forward via a fast forward button as well.
Now when i start a battle the screen if full screen the armys pre set and the battle imediatley starts and its usually not how i would have my army set.
Can anyone tell me how to get it back to as was EG : i set army the start abttle and can fast forward viathe FFW button?