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    once again gentle readers i am plagued by countless virus laden emails,

    the most insidious aspect of this "new" batch is they don't use YOUR email address as the source,
    they randomly select contacts from your address book as the source,

    three quarters of the email i recieve are "return to senders", which did not get sent from my system,

    hotmail are a bit rank about this, as am i,

    The "rules" for safe surfing,

    Update your virus scanner weekly,
    (i update mine every second day)

    Have a virus checker running when you check your email

    Do NOT open attatchements without confirming they are NOT Infected

    Have a virus scanner running when you surf the web

    Do NOT accept "utilities" many web pages try to "push" via popups, they are adware and "phone home",
    PLUS some are "fakes" containing Trojans,

    Scan your system (All Files - not just exe/com files) AT LEAST once a week,

    this may take 1 to 3 hours, do it when you get home from school/work while you are showering, having dinner or even overnight while you sleep.

    If you get sent a virus send a small and polite note back to the source address, they are almost definately NOT the source, and you should notify them of that, suggest they contact all their email contacts and warn them of potential virus activity.

    Suggested email

    email you sent to *insert your email address here*
    contained a file *insert file name here*
    which was infected by a virus *IF you know the name of the virus insert it here*.

    This email may NOT have originated from your system,
    the latest generation of email virus use contacts from the infected hosts address book as the "source" of the email.

    I suggest you report this incident to your ISP and report it to all the contacts in your address book.

    Regards, *insert your name here*

    Those of you who have contacted me via email can expect a note from me warning of this problem

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    Know what u mean...i was attacked frequently a few days ago with countless trojans,Sockets de Troie v1.0 trojans that is,but I just can't figure out how the attacker found out my IP...
    And now I'm trying to find out who attacked me,coz I know his IP.
    Barroca,what are the ways u can get infected from visiting unsecure sites?(Only by visiting and not by downloading anythin from there).
    2day I was desperatly in search of somethin and I searched some sites wich u can regard as being VERY unsecure,but still,my firewall reported nothing(yet).
    U know any ways in wich I can track the computer that the trojan was sent from(I know ways but I'm curious)?

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