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Thread: Janissary Cavalry

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    Did Janissary Cavalry actually exist - in the game you get all infantry. I can`t imagine that the Turks didn`t create cavalry units to complement those excellent foot units.

    I`ve just started playing as the Turks and WOW

    The selection of troops really are good - JHI and JI are my basis foot units, along with saracan infantry, armenian heavy cavalry and turcoman horse - I`ve cut throught the other islamic factions with no probs, the Byz took a bit longer and now I`m merrily conquering the rest of eastern europe.

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    In the ex-pack, sure I'de like to see some Jannisary Cav. Well, if yo guys didn't know already, I'm a former desciple of AOE2 (Age of Empires 2) and I'de also like to see a Nannisary unit that uses an arquebus. To be honest, I was very disapointed when I found out how the JHI looked. They were just a copied and pasted mixe of other units (Byzantine infantry body, billhook, but the shield is it's only unique attribute). The same with the JI which look just like Turcoman Infantry. I was expecting to see the Jannisary corp donning white unifoms and tall turbans, similar to the Ottoman Sipahi (as most illustrations depict them) but instead, I got a Feuda men-at-arms with a billhook and damn good stats. Please CA, change the way these guys look

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    the janissarys were never mounted on horses, or elephents, or any other animal u can put a person on, the janisassrys were always on foot, for ur "mounted jannisarys" the turks had the siphais or forignen mercenaries, eg mamelucks, hungarians etc, that would be the explenation for some people who get disgrunlated just because the game has a minor historical inacuraccy, but, for a gamer, that actully would be pretty awsome, and should be capable of mowing down anything in its path, just like they do on foot, apart from the varangians, but *$(@ just put them on horses to and then ur even

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    There weer no Jannisary Cavalry.

    Elite Turkish cavalry were Sipahi's of the Porte - Royal Sipahi's.

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    janissary cavalry never exists; janissary were an infantry elite core ; they have nthin to do with cavalry.point.
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