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Thread: turkish faction revival

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    Is it right that they should be chock full of janissaries during the late 1200s ? (when the faction reappears with troops). ver 1.1.

    Actually rebel troops in a couple of provinces I left unoccupied was a bit stupid too, how did a turkish province with no buildings produce catapults, almohads and some type of knights if I recall correctly. I there anyway to get rid of powerful spawning armies after patching?

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    I think you can mod all advanced units to be not available for rebellions, but I don`t know if that includes reappearing factions.

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    It can work to your advantage as well. Playing Byz early I got caught with my pants down in Trebizond (sounds kinky)and lost the province to the Turks. The next turn my loyal subjects rebelled with a couple of Varangian gaurds as well as Pronoi Al..(can't spell that to save my life) cav units in addition to the spears, archers, and peasants. I used these units with some mercs to steam roll the Turks into an historical foot note.
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