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    Just thought I'd ask as it is one niggle I've always had. Though it must be said MTW seems to deploy the army better than MI used to. So anyway does anyone else find it annoying to have to pause, deploy, pause, deploy until your attacking force is deployed as and where YOU want it?
    Will VI change this?


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    Eat Cold Steel has, I believe, already mentioned that VI will not let you arrange your Attacking force. That aspect will not change, although you will be able to organise the order of your reinforcements.

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    I agree it is stupid. I mean I am attacking by choice - its not as though i've come across this army by surprise while out for a sunday walk. Any general with half a brain would have his army setup in proper formation.

    You could always tell when armies were close by the light of their cooking fires so they rarely blundered into each other. Most large battles took place with plenty of warning so in reality I would have time to arrange my army to how I please.

    Its also annoying from the point of view is that I am going to rearrange anyway why not let me do it before battle starts - it will save time.

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    Actullay, battles in MTW time frame were pretty much ritualized. Unlike today, there where almost zero civilian casualties (not counting the poor peasants that got draffted). The exeption to these situations where castle sieges. Otherwise the two armys would meet on the field and slug it out. If one were to try some smart move of avoiding engagement it was considered not polite (yeah...). Of course this was western Europe style. When the mongols invaded poland they where seen as barbarians due to their tactics. Western Europe called out foul play but it was mostly out of anger of not being able to top the Horde.
    This could have happen to Japan also, where they had their own code of engagement but the mongols had no luck and their ships were sunk by a typhon.
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    Thanks for pointing that out Elwe, I must have missed it. Oh well perhaps we will have this feature in RTW. As I said, MTW deploys attacking armies better than Shogun did ( try a campaign as the Golden Horde and use the 'Steppe Envelopment'deployment )

    Desdichado and Portuguese Rebel, yes there were a lot of strange codes of honour and there were plenty of large gatherings who spent most of the day engaged in taunts and insults too

    The first Mongol landing in Japan, though more expeditionary than invasive, had a direct result in the way Japanese conducted warfare in the future. As each Samurai Hero rode forward to declare his name and his reputation he was simply dispatched by arrows. This left the Japanese very confused and they suffered terrible losses. When they returned to engage the enemy once more they found nothing, the Mongols were gone. On the return of Mongol ships seven years later the Japanese used a different strategy. Unable to make a landing due to bad weather, the Mongols were constantly attacked during the nights. The Samurai had resorted to hit and run tactics, rowing out and boarding the ships where the close hand to hand fighting favoured them due to the superiority of their Katanas. After 6 weeks of this of course the 'Divine Wind' did the rest. Had they landed I think their tactics would have been far different to the mounted onslaught in Asia. They were mostly Chinese and Korean conscripts so I would imagine something nearer the kind of warfare that took place in China and Korea than Russia and Eastern Europe

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    Yes, this feature annoys me too. Why I cannot arrange the attacking force? Under the current setting a strong defender can just set up his troops right next to where the attacker's units are expected to be and rush the attacker off the map unprepared... (I do it myself to the AI at times: i.e., outright chivalric knight charge against crowds of rebel peasants deployed to 'attack me&#39. In my opinion, the attacker should be allowed to deploy as he pleases before starting the battle.
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    The least they can do in VI,is to place the two armies at a greater distance before battle.
    In some battles,the 2 armies start so close that archers don't even need to come in to range to fire.
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