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Thread: Fearsome and Realistic Mongols

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    Okay this is a paraphrasing of a post I made for WesW's MedMod1.7 (which everyone should give a go at) but these changes can work with anyones game really....

    Almost everyone seems to be complaining about the weakness of Mongols. Sure, it's a tough battle if you want to face them in Khazar but when they come in they kind of peter out and just sit around the steppes. I think I have a solution that will make the Mongols truly a fearsome force. It can be done in a few simple modding steps which I don't know how to do

    Step 1: Cut the price of all "Mongol units" to VERY low. Something like peasant cheap. Mongol units include Mongol Warriors, Mongol Horse Archers, Mongol Heavy Cav, and possibly steppe cav. Steppe cav can be built by all players so I propose making a new unit that has the exact same stats and stuff as Steppe Cav except call it Mongol Light Cavalry or something. Thus, make all Mongol units have LOW prices.

    Step 2: Make all Mongol units have VERY LOW support costs. Practically nothing. The game assumes that the Mongols must support themselves but I seem to have heard a little something about uhh, I dunno, the Mongols controlling almost all of Asia? Thus, I think this Empire could finance their expedition into Eastern Europe and that is why the Mongol units and support costs are VERY LOW.

    Step 3: Make all Mongol units have VERY LOW building requirements. Example, Mongol Warriors require a Bowyer. Mongol Horse Archers a Bowyer and Horse Breeder. Mongol Light Cavalry a Horse Farmer, and Mongol Heavy Cavalry a Horse Breeder and Spearmaker.

    Step 4: "OH NOS111111" you think, "THE MONGOLS WILL OVER RUN THE ENTIRE EARTH AHHH111111" Well, to prevent them having such an easy victory, we'd fall back on "realism". "Mongol" units should only be producable in the the steppe provinces that border the Eastern edge of the map. Thus, Georgia, Khazar, and the three or four North of them that I can't remember their names. This will make it as if the Mongols are not truly "training" their units, but that they are arriving in Eastern Europe from the rest of their empire. Those building requirements are just there to keep them supplied with weapons and fresh horses.

    Step 5: Now, the Mongols only having these 4 units makes them kind of deficient. I propose allowing the Mongols to build several "simple" units anywhere on the map that they have the requirements. These simple units could be peasants, urban militia, archers, and spearmen. These are basically just forced low level conscripts from occupied provinces. These units would be the only units the Mongols could make. Also, the Mongols could NOT make any boats. This would make it so they have to keep sending reinforcements by land.

    Whew. I know that was long, but I think these changes would make the Mongols as they should be. As they are they never produce units because they are way into the negative florins by their first turn and its almost impossible for them to pull out of, especially with the crappy income steppe provinces. These will make the Mongols quite the threat. They will keep sending men and sending men repeatedly, which is what they should do. The way to defeat them would be essentially to take over those border provinces and cut off their main force from getting new men of high quality. Eventually it'll be whittled down and die. But, taking those steppe provinces won't be easy as they essentially get a couple "almost free" units there every turn.

    Any ideas if this can all be done?

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    Take a look in MTW Downloads, Orda's Horde does this and more


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    Yeah I tried downloading Orda Horde for a week straight but the 3D downloads site is what I'd call less than spectacular so it never happened. That's the reason I downloaded WesW's medmod in the first place was to try the Mongols.

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    orda, link me?

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    Big thumbs-up for Orda's Horde mod. A LOT of fun if you want to play as the Mongols, just enough so it doesn't make you uber but certainly makes the Horde competitive with other units. Love how horse archers are actually useful now. Actually makes Mongol tactics like the tulughma and the mangudai useful
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