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    Normally I only worry about stats that enhance provinces or morale not valour. However two big events lately have shifted my focus somewhat.

    First I had a bribed general who was Sybrite... -2 valour so I ended up fielding a guy with -1 valour... doh

    Later playing Almos on Expert my prince with 7 stars and a few virtues goes to war.

    Most of the troops look pretty decent (mainly AUMs plus extras), my Ghulam bodyguard weighs in at 15 valour.

    It was a very nice surprise (first 3 virtues all add +2 valour) to say the least... so apart from avoiding catapults and suicide rushes at spearmen in the center, this guy can charge around where I like (well with 34 morale he can be a tad impetous).

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    Yep super high valour can make units almost invincible. great fun breaking unit after unit with the same elite unit. I had a prince as the Turks who led his unit by itselft against over 200 Byzantines and kicked their ass and he only had 10-12 valour.
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