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    As suggested by The Shogun here comes my personal feedback on Tourneys. Any other opinions welcome of course. Moderators feel free to move this thread to the tournaments section of this forum.

    There are 2 main ways to handle tourneys that I see, officially and unofficially:

    Unofficial Tourneys

    The community website should acknowledge these fan tourneys and report their status and results.

    At this moment there are some clans/individuals arranging for unofficial tourneys. The Fears, Terazawa, Nebucodonozer, Leoknite, the Links, Miaow with Planettotalwar and possibly others that I miss to mention have held or going to hold possibly a tourney in a form or another.

    One idea I have already suggested somewjere else is to unite all these tourneys under a Grand Prix scheme. Points will be awarded to the first spots in those tourneys and after a group of tourneys is held an overall ranking will be finalized. Then the grand Prix could eventually start over.

    For my idea it would be enough to have at least 3 potential organizers (but the more the better of course). Assuming we have 3 organizers only every one of them will host a tourney twice for a total of 6 tourneys for the Grand Prix. Tourney formats and rules will be left open to the particular organizers and this will add to the variety (I have suggested in other posts to standardize the formats but I am no one to say organizers how to arrange their tourneys ).

    Imagine we have Terazawa, the Links and myself hosting tourneys. The Calendar for the Grand Prix (very much like a Formula 1 Grand Prix where races are run in different circuits) would be like so with a tourney played every 2 weeks:

    Terazawa's Tourney I

    Link's Tourney I

    Methabaron's Tourney I

    Terazawa's Tourney II

    Link's Tourney II

    Methabaron's Tourney II

    And so the whole Grand Prix will last around 3 months.

    In every Tourney prizes will be awarded similarly to a Grand Prix:

    10 points to the first
    6 for the second
    4 for the 3rd
    3 for theb 4th
    2 for the 5th
    1 for the 6th

    Now, I would volunteer to be the Grand Prix coordinator and to host tourneys if other tourney hosts agree with this idea, since it is an unofficial Grand Prix this depends entirely on several organizers to support it.

    I would like to hear form the persons mentioned above if they are interested in participating in a Grand Prix scheme.

    Official Tourneys

    Now, the community website could do exactly the same thing but in other threads I have read some info suggesting that there are all kinds of LEGAL matters to account for if that is to happen. I would like to have more input on this from the developers. What is it exactly that they need and why, in order to host official Tourneys themselfs.


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    With Methabaron's permission this discussion has been moved to the Clan / Clan Recruitment / Tournaments Froum.

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