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Thread: how much better graphics

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    how much better or clearer are the graphics for soldiers and terraign? one comment said hardly at all is this true? very disappointing if true can't they make the soldiers a little larger and easier to make out?

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    Originally posted by Target-dono: Quote Most of the graphical improvements have been made to the battlefield units. They've been more clearly rendered so that you can tell them apart more easily in the thick of battle, and there's a bit more detail on them so they look prettier and not so blocky when you zoom in. There are also battlemap texture improvements, together with additional building models.[/QUOTE]In this thread.

    From my own subjective point of view, I'd say the screenshots look a bit better than ones from the original version. By no means a revolution, but enough tweaking makes for perfection.

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    For what my single battle experience is worth, the Korean Spearmen and Mongol L.Cav units that I used to rip apart and scare away some defending AshiXbowmen looked pretty well defined...almost approaching that 'miniature soldier' look. Unfortunately, I only got to try that one battle, so I haven't seen any of the old units to compare the graphics to.

    I wouldn't expect any great changes, from the little I've seen, but a few nice touches.
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