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Thread: Jihad against mulsem Almohads?

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    I play as Almohads and decided to damp Egyptians that were frisky too much in their expansion . So I invaded their Greece. In the next turn they tried to take province back. It was a 5-hours BATTLE My 4600 men against 5500-men enemy army. 3500 enemy men didn't return from battlefield, I lost something about 1000. But when all was gone , Egyptians rise Jihad to Greece. I am amazed how it is possible to raise Jihad against muslem nation? Did anybody saw that?

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    i used jihads many times against almohads when i play as a turk ( usually egyptians were long gone when i am able to make jihads ) .i dont know why..maybe for the same reason that makes the catholics beeing able to lauch crusades against orthodox..or for the same reason that make a lot of pillage in the orthodox provinces even when they are wellcome to pass trought the land
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    the stipulation for a jihad is that it must be a territory that has been lost by the maker of the jihad. it matters not who is there when you raise a jihad. the territory could even switch hands multiple times.

    a crusade can only be called against a catholic nation if it has been excommunicated. likewise, if two catholic nations call a crusade against a muslim territory and one of them gets there first and conquers it, then the other crusade is abolished.
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