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Thread: Ways to get Ceasefires other than with Emissaries?

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    Obtaining ceasefires?

    One way, i think, is by having no land borders with the enemy faction and no ships blockading the others ports?

    Are there any other ways other than using emissaries of course? For example, having no battles across conencting borders for at least 20 years or something?

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    I’ve found that inactivity even with borders seem to eventually stop wars. As the Turkish, I was embroiled in a life or death struggle with the Byzantines when the Egyptians attacked. I fortified the borders with the Byzantines who had been losing badly and eventually fought off the Egyptians 10 years or more later. When I was at last able to look at the Byzantines who had left me alone, they were now neutral

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    Like in STW, it helps your cause if another AI faction attacks your opponent. Playing as the Danes, I was under constant attack by the Russians, I had taken Lithuania from the rebels and after a few years the Russians decided they wanted it. I never counterattacked them, just defended. Then about 1220 the Golden Horde showed up in Khazar and started to attack the Russian Empire. I sent a bishop to the Russian King and got my ceasefire quite easily.
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    Hey doc... is there anyway i can get ya to send me your Mod that you are using??? i saw it on the Dungen Message board but i cant post there yet.

    And also i saw you and another guy(i forget his name) talking about how to take land bridges out and balancing each faction so they last longer then they do now. i would like that mod as well if you have finished it.

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