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    If you prefer epic battles, greater armies and more special units... give this a try:)


    - more potentially routing men: 6 new units (Berserks, Normannic Knights, Axtschwinger, Gewalthaufen, Straktoi, Ialayaren)(including one new bow:))

    - forget what you learned so far: tweaked stats for almost all other units (more ammo, better stats for order cav and elite knights, some speed and formation changes)

    - more time for misantrophs: guaranteed no multiplayer compatibility with this mod

    - united states: 700 turn campaing with fewer, more powerful empires and developed provinces.

    - gold mines for everyone: almost infinite cash for everyone and a tweaked ai to deal with it (Gothic knights or Janissaries, please)

    - less confusing text: no english descriptions yet (sorry, got a german version and not enough time right now... and can someone send an english description.txt?)

    - more challange: partitially unbalanced units - I had no time yet to play all factions and this mod is mainly for pure fun. If you send me feetback I might change some things in V0.02. (More direct: If you win with the russians you're mighty. Never tried, but should be a challange)

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    just uploaded it, should be available tomorrow - I hope:)

    Additional things:

    - No emissaries: They tend to buy of entire kingdoms given enough cash.
    - needed if you want to play as Mongols.

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    Hello Hal9k, and welcome You have to love a new patron showing up bearing gifts. Sounds like you've been quite busy.
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    If I only knew whether files really made it...


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