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    I understand micro managing trading wasnt in the scope of this game but is there a way to tell how much you make from trading with certian provinces? Is there a way to tell which provinces you are currently trading with? Do you only trade with allies, or can you trade with nuetral and enemies?

    Also I seen someone post a hot-key that shows your trade routs but I cant find the post today, is there an easy way to see your trade routes?

    I have the only ships in the baltic sea but it says nuetral waters. Are bodies of water allways neutral?

    Last question. I am allied with the british and we both have a small fleet in the ocean seperating us. It seems like I cannot move troops over to scotland now for a sneak attack on the british. I can experiment again later when I get home but does anyone know the rules about sending troops in this scenario?

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    I can help with only a couple of those items.

    'v' is the hot key to see your trade routs. You cannot send troops to a province via sea if the faction you are attacking have any of their ships there, even if it's an ally like the British in your scenario. The money screen (little coins button) will tell you how much each province is generating from trade. You trade with nuetrals, I am not sure about enemies. A province must have a port to trade with you.
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    You should never underestimate the power of seas.If you
    play as nation with easy sea access you will want to try and set up trade as early as possible. It is important to take control of the sea at beginning of the game,you dont want other nation to make sneaky attack on you or destroy your trade routes.The oceans allow you to get masses of wealth as well as the ability to transfer units across the map in one turn.In case,if you need more detail about navy battle and traing,you should take a look at MTW:maunal.
    boat.Make as many cheap ships as possible.Next move your ships to next sea territory. This creates a supply
    chain/trade route to any foriegn ports that are adjacent to the sea terriories.If you have a dock in a territory you can now transport units to any land territory adjecent to your chain of ships.You can make sneaky attack on enemy.and if a lot of your places have docks than you can
    have an army than can move throughout your empire in one turn.No kidding..

    Trading is really important factor in Navy. To trade, set up a supply chain/trade route to a foriegn port as explained above. Next you need to build a trading post. Right-click the trading post you have to see how much money you
    are gaining from trade. This is dependent upon the amount of tradeable resources of the territories that are trading as well as the type of your trade building you have. The perfect trade route would involve many foriegn territories that have a lot of tradeable resources. You should try to make sure
    you have ports in territories that have 2 or more tradeable resources and thatthey have the highest type of trade building you can stand to have.
    Keep in mind that ships of other nations you are at war with break trade routes. You cannot trade past the point where the line is broken and you cannot transport troops past that
    point either. This can be devastating. Some nations may rely almost completly on income from trade and by placing a single ship in the trade route you can bankrupt them rather quickly. For example, remember to have either very strong ships in your trade route or a few extra ships guard the routes. That is my two cents....

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    To answer your question about seeing who you are trading with you click on the coins icon. This will give a ist of your provinces and sea zones you have ships in. Click on a province with trade income and you will get a list of what provinces that province is trading with and how much you are earning. (A province does not trade a good to another province with the same good.) Also there are slightly different trades values for the various trade good, this is also seen.
    You can trade with everyone who has a port, except enemies, including neutrals. However if you make war on one neutral, they all consider you an enemy and stop trading with you.
    As for invading England, trying to drop troops by sea is a declaration of war and any ships of that faction become blockades. They must be sunk before you can invade.
    So even if you got a green sea zone by hitting V, the computer will not allow you to invade.
    In my opinion, you must trade to win because of the vast amnount of income you get from trade. So I always flood every sea zone with ships. But even though you have an armada in a sea zone, one enemy leaky rowboat will block that sea zone (it will be red when you hit v)and you are screwed until you sink it.
    And you must constantly check your trade income if you are at war because they can sneak in a ship if you are not paying attention.
    Also the AI likes to attack your ships if they have you outnumbered in a sea zone, especially in zones adjacent to their provinces. This will be a declaration of war, but if you don't put any ships in sea zones with this faction the war will evaporate after a few years. No harm, no foul rule I guess. Just wait until you can put 2 or 3 ships back into that zone.

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    Hey JoeBax,

    Don't neglect to peruse the Table of Contents in the Main Hall, a wealth of information representing the sum total knowledge of the .org is to be found.

    Good Luck Have Fun.
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