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Thread: One thing that has always bothered me about Shogun + expansion thought

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    One thing that has always bothered me with Shogun and that I don't understand is that when we're attacking a province, why can't we arrange our army how we like it before we begin the attack? Instead we have to choose one of the preset group formations. This doesn't make sense to me. If you are going to attack someone, you have to make sure your army is ready and organized to however you want it. Now, I have to waste time getting my men into position after the battle begins. The attacker is already at a big disadvantage having to deal with the time limit and marching up to the defenders. I just don't understand this. Surely I couldn't have been the first one to mention this...

    Also some misc. Mongol Invasion thoughts...

    First what I didn't like:

    Is it just me or do all of the Mongol infantry units look EXACTLY alike? The only way you can tell them apart is by size of the little weapons they're carrying. Should I post a screenshot of this? In a battle, the only way I can tell who is who is by rolling the mouse over them.

    The Kensai units look ridiculous! It's just so funny to watch one little guy being surrounded by enemy units and still being alive for so long.

    And what I loved:

    The thunder bombers and skirmishers are awesome!

    Music and sound effects are GREAT. I love the new Mongol music. I don't remember seeing that mentioned so I thought I'd mention it here.

    Overall, it's a great package and a great game, and the guys at CA did a good job. I'd recomment it to anybody who wants to play one of the best strategy games ever. It's just that there are so many little naggy things that seems so obvious to fix but are still there that bother me (see other threads for this). It just doesn't seem real that it took this long to get out.

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    The Mongol music seems to be a curious mix of nomadic/tribal asiatic music and rave-techno 2010. lol

    Most have a phat beat.

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    Re: Mongel Music

    "...aawwssaaww hhhooommaaaneeee ..."

    ..can anyone translate !?

    P.S I love it ! Would be good if you could play that to the enemy to scare the Sh*t out of them before you run out of the fog



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    Hahaha, yeah. The Mongol Battle Music, aside from just being cool, could make for great psychological warfare if the Japanese opponent could only hear it just before a charge...

    And I agree about the preset attack formations. I happen to think that they're just plain ridiculous. I have my own formations I like to use online, but I can rarely ever use them in SP because of that stupid restriction. =/

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