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    Hello to all,

    I am finally very glad to be able to post in the forum, I had registered a while back, however due to a very small glitch I was not able to post.

    So I would like to thank Gregoshi and any Admins that touk care of this part.

    Then say that even thought I have not been able to post i have been reading many posts, specially on Mods, in the Dungeon.

    I have made a small Mod with Information found, I call it the What If? Campaign, and basically what it does is have all the Factions start in a signle territory, letting the player decide on the cource of History thereafter, by Building their Empire according to their own Vision.

    For Instance what if Byzantium expanded to the West instead of the East? And Similar Notions.

    What does this Mod also do is that all the Units that are attached to a geographical area,(ex. Bedouin Camels) are still Buildable independently of who owns the territory.

    This change is based on a more modern notion of integration rather than exclusion, and so even if England for instance conquered Arabia, there were still camels around and in time the local population would still be able to fight.

    Historically that was not the case, as people felt Oppressed, however this Mod is not Historical, it is all about exploring possibilities.

    I have been testing it for the last week, and if it does sound Interesting I will submit it for all to be able to download it.

    And that concludes my Introduction

    Thank you and wish you all a Happy new Year

    - Suraknar

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    Happy new year, Suraknar, welcome to the collective *zip* your knowledge has been assimilated to the greater creature. (excuse for another post)
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    Thumbs up

    Hey, glad to see you made Suraknar. Welcome to the Org We always love new patrons bearing gifts. I see you've been busy posting here along with some others. Excellent.

    BTW, submit your mod. You'll most likely get good feedback and questions when you do.
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