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    Hello to all i am geting worry because some rumors about a new Version of MTW, to be honest I buy this game cause I love Medieval times and i Love play online with this game, in fact i never have play online before this game.

    If they launch a New game i am sure that i will buy it, cause i will have the need of play online again with a lot of People that i have Know here online, but i am not very syre if i will love that game so much like MTW.

    If they down the Server because the new game, if any change that we can host servers?

    any ideas? or what you think about it?

    I Know many people play shogun online before and now they cant. I never play shogun
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    The game matchmaking is handled by GameSpy. They could conceivably go out of business, but it's not very likely.

    Medieval will not stop working when another game comes out.

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    i thought the CD key databases for Shogun and Warlords were supposed to be merged so that original edition Shogun players could use the Warlords/MI server?

    still original Shogun players could download and use The Generic Server, you'd simply have to haunt the Sword Dojo forum here to arrange a game...
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