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Thread: Trebizoid Archers

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    I really underestimated the power of the Trebizoid Archers - Im currently trying to wipe out the Barnies as the Egyptians and those archers are causing my men to route all over the place. And when I charge down with camels or nubians thinking theyll fold like paper - NO
    they dont fold they hold and stick my little flanking manouver up my ass

    and the few men left come running back and I stare incredulously thinking what the hell happen to that hundred or so men where did they go - my gazis get eaten up like chocolate bl**dy candies

    I should be wiping him out with far superior numbers and men but hes still got a couple of Byz Inf and a hell of a lot of these Tre Archers and Im thinking I wonder if I can still sue for peace cause hes kicking my ass.

    These dudes have got to be one of the unsung heros of the purple people eaters
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    I've yet to run into these bad boys but I've seen the name thrown around a lot lately. I think their recognition level is on the rise.
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    I can't help it: YunDOG'S army are being whipped like DOGS Bad? Yes, I know. Yes, trebizonds are very effective, despite the fact that they have pretty much the same bow as regular archers. My question is about Geonese archers; are they a significant change from regulars?
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    Ghazi are somewhat frail in direct combat. You really want to keep them out of harm`s way until you can charge them into the back of someone who is already engaged.

    'Frail' might not really cover it. Let`s say they drop like flies in poisonous smoke and we`re a bit closer
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    these are bad assed peeps i love useing them to cover my cannons with spearman covering the flanks

    ghazis they got them wrong as they were more like light shock troops not like protraited in here
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    Treb archers have a high melee rating for an archer unit, better then Nubian spearmen. Don't assualt them like regular archers, treat them like infantry, engage them with some units, then send some Ghazis or calvary into the flank/rear. Byz troops are tougher than comparable Egyptians you'll need more numbers and clever tactics.

    I use only Treb archers when I play the byz, they are easy to attain and quite good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (Lehesu @ Jan. 03 2003,10:22)]My question is about Geonese archers; are they a significant change from regulars?
    Actually, yes, they are quite a bit different from archers. Though I'm not sure if they're as accurate as archers, they're more efficient in melee. Here's the stats on each:

    Attack: -1
    Defense: -2
    Morale: -1

    Genoese Sailors:
    Charge: 1
    Defense: -2
    Morale: 2

    However, probably the best of all these would be the Hashishin:
    Charge: 2
    Attack: 6
    Defense: 3
    Morale: 12(&#33

    Next would be the Janissary Infantry. Hope it helps for those of you considering the missile/melee punch.



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