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Thread: Who is waiting for the XP!

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    after reading all the thread about the XP...
    I have concluded that I will not get it anytime soon...
    it seem to be too buggy and the game play is not up to par
    So who is with me!.....boycott boycott!...hehehe

    for those who have it thanks for all the great reviews you guinea pigs!...heheheh
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    ROFL!! ya..right
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    The old SP campaign is vastly improved by additions too numerous to name here. (IMHO this is enough reason ALONE to buy the 'pack.)

    The Mongol SP campaign is a great addition to the original one, perhaps it has a little less variety, but the imbalance problem doesn't appear to be severe, and apart from that, there is no reason not to play it.

    The old MP game is immensely improved by the new map types, the map editor, and the addition of the weapon/armor quality selectors.

    The new MP game is a bit limited due to historical accuracy, which could have been dismissed with if the developers had been gracious enough, but when taken for what it is, entertaining - the MHC simply requires new tactics, and that's what the expansion was *supposed* to bring into the game.

    And as for bugs, you've lived with the rout bug all your lives, and nobody ever promised the expansion would fix it. Surely, they should have, but that doesn't kill the 'pack entirely. And as for other bugs, this release is actually more technically sound than any before it, as evidenced by Erado-sama himself in this thread.

    So, what more do you want?!



    That, gentlemen, was my safety valve going off. Carry on, please, nothing to see here...

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    There is more variety of play in the XPack, new units and bigger maps + the editor. Once you start playing the Xpack, I don't think you'll want to go back to the original game. You can spread out more now on the battlefield because the units are not as likely to run away. The tactical possibilities are increased.

    For me, the $30 entrance charge for WE is reasonable, but I can understand that for some people the money might be hard to come by, and prices are a lot higher outside of the USA. Since MI and WE are really the same thing, then you can cut the cost a bit by going with MI. Waiting for it once you've ordered is the bummer there. The problem some are having with online registration is a serious concern. No risk for me because, if it didn't work, I could return WE to the store for a refund. That could be a big hassle if you order MI, so I would follow the thread about registration problems in the tech section.

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    i'm waiting for it and i want it, the improved Sengoku SP campaign is worth it alone for me, the rest is a bonus. The new MP seems more fun than the original with more type of battles available. The mongol SP campaign seem to be some wild quick destructive fun-if you play as the mongols of course or a defensive players dream if you play as the japanese.
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    Im enjoying these MI threads so much,that Ive lost all desire to play my old version.

    I want it,NOW!
    That's it.

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    I agree Ratta,from what ive read so far everbody seems quite happy about X-P
    So i dont see the problem?BUY IT OR DONTthe choice is urs,and urs alone.
    Not everybody will like it,but those who do happy gaming.

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