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Thread: How do I do???

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    Hi all,

    What does one do to get acces to post in other parts of this Forum?

    There are so many topics I would like comment on but


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    Posting is easy, it just takes participation and patience. You're right - there is a wealth of topics to talk about.

    Read this thread: New? Read this first

    It will all come to you.

    Welcome to the forum

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    Welcome TheDanesAnnett We've been expecting you. Your friend and clanmate(?) TheDanesZandy has tossed your name around a few times. I figured it was only a matter of time until you arrived. And here you are. Thanks for coming. Now, can you talk TheDanesBeskeren into joining us?

    All you need to do is participate in some of the discussion going on in the Entrance Hall. Once we determine you are an alright person (usually a quick process), you'll get promoted to Senior Patron with the power to post in all the forums. If you must reply to something in another forum, create a topic here in the Entrance Hall with the same title, post what you have to say and then ask the moderators to move your comments to the appropriate thread. A little clumsy for the moderators, but it works.
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    Welcome Annett(e)

    And thank you for the games last night I hope you'll enjoy your stay.

    Whau, these forums are being infested with danes
    Common Unreflected Drinking Only Smartens

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    Hi and thank you for the info to my question

    If I can you talk TheDanesBeskeren into joining the board I don't know as he has never before been an active writer on the boards. However I think I'll leave this task to my clanleader TheDanesZandy

    I surely don't hope that the joining of TheDanesBeskeren has any influence on my application.


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    Hello Sjakihata Akechi

    Thank you yourself for the games.

    As an old member of the STW community I'm sure I'll enjoy my stay here

    Actually I find MTW is more fun due to the fact that there is no honour/rank latter - To me it seems as if everybody is enjoing themselves far more than before

    And yes - There are loads of Danes playing online - The record shows that our little fairyland is doing great all over the world - an now also in Cyberspace


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