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Thread: What is the Hojo Horde Bug All About?

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    I am new here and have heard mention of the Hojo Horde bug. What is this?

    I have also heard that if you save and reload you get increased Koku yields - how does this happen?

    Thanks in advance for the info.,
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    The Hojo bug references that the AI has built in "cheat" that allows them an unlimited suppy of koku. The game result is usually an obsene amount of troops that eventualy take over the eastern provinces and then come for you.

    Each harvest is random, so if you save a game then wait for the harvest results, if its not to your liking, then you can reload and try for a better result.

    This is considered cheating by most players, but its your game, play it the way you want to.

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    One thing that has been sorrt of glossed over in the xpack campaign mode is that the horde problem seems to have been eliminated, without sacrificing too much difficulty.

    Seems as though, to maintain the challenge, ronin are a bit more aggressive, more powerful, and actually develop their lands and raise troops. It is not uncommon now towards the end of the game to get that "you have the greatest numbers of troops in all Japan" mesage... instead of running into 20,000 Mori troops and being forced into geisha-ing the game and sitting through the last 4 years of the game.

    "You have offended my family, and you have offended a Shaolin temple."
    "You have offended my family, and you have offended a Shaolin temple."


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