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Thread: Valor Units

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    In my current campaign (hard, early English) I've set up the provinces on the British Isles as my source of troops. Clansmen, Gallowglasses, Longbowmen, Billmen and others. The first 4 are built with extra valor in their provinces. These are mighty fine troops when equipped with good armour and weapons.

    Now that all of the provinces in question can produce gold armour / gold weapons I'm wondering if I should upgrade my standard army. e.g. would no valor Pavise Arb be a better build than a 1* Longbow? Would 0* FMAA be better than 1* Clansmen? Well you get the idea.

    In late stage of the game would it be better to build nonvalored modern units than the provinces specialities?
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    Personally, I would go with valor units. I would go with a 2 valor Billmen unit instead of a 0 valor Chiv Sergeants(for example).
    I think a 0 valor Pavise Arbalester would be about the same as a 1 valor longbowmen. But I'm not sure. I'd go with Longbowmen for the simple reason that I prefer them over Arbies. IMO, go with building more 1+ valor clansmen, billmen etc. I think they do a lot better job than FMAA with no valor.


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