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Thread: Two Questions

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    Two things I should have figured out by now:
    1. If I put arbalesters behind my infantry, will they be able to hit anything?
    2. Is there any advantage to having ships in areas without land like the Central Mediterranean?

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    as to question 1:
    They should still be able to fire from behind the line though you might get some friendly fire casualties as crossbow/arbalaster units cannot arc their shots over the infantry's head. Just put them infront of the line and have them pull behind the line when the enemy gets close.

    as to question 2:
    i like to have groups of ships in the deep sea areas for seveal reasons. They provide a second route for trade and connection to ruler if there is a blockade in the main sea route. Also ships can be easily redistributed from the deep sea area to provide reinforcements to the surrounding territories or replace ships sunk in storms and battles.



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