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Thread: MTW - How to heal/replenish an injured unit?

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    I have an urban infantry unit with only 8 guys in it. Their leader has 6 command points and I want to keep him safe by healing/replenishing the unit. OR even better would be if I could make him the leader of a different type of unit like holibars, archers. etc.

    Thanks in advance

    I also have no clue how to trade. I am playing england and have a port in wessex and a ship in the english channel but it is generating no income even though the french have a port across the channel as well as some other factions.

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    In order to replenish the unit in question first open the unit training page. Once you have the page opened click on the unit to be replenished. In the panel occupying the lower middle portion of the screen you should see the unit to be replenished's icon. Left click/hold and drag the unit image into an available slot on the training page then drop the image. You can only replenish unit types in provinces that can build the unit in question. Unfortunately, it is impossible to move a general from one unit type to another.

    There should be a wealth of information available on trading if you use the search function. Basic rundown: you need a ship, a port, and a merchant/trade facility in the same province as the port. You also need to have a direct line of ships (minimum one in each sea zone) leading to a foreign province containing a port. You cannot trade with a faction you are at war with and you will also be unable to trade if an enemy ship occupies a sea zone in you trade route. Hold down the V key to highlight the status of any given sea zone. Green= an zone where you have a ship and may trade freely, Yellow= a zone where you have no ship but may place one and trade freely, Red= a zone occupied by an enemy faction's ship(s) which you must sink before you can trade. Hope that clears up the mystery Good Luck

    ps: I'd say you lack the trade facility/merchant which you cannot build until you have the 2nd level castle (slightly larger wooden one).

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