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Thread: How can I protect my strategic units against Ninja?

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    Which, Shiniobi or Ninja helps catching an enemy ninja? Coz When I'm bribing an enemy army at the start, my horde of emissaries got intentionally assainated by horde of Ninjas. For the enemy ninjas, Their ranks go up after some successful missions and later it becomes harder for me to protect my emissaries.

    Also, has anyone built a Kensai and had it assainated by ninjas? I guess killing off a Kensai would be double the difficulty to a general of the same rank. Personally haven't tried that though.

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    Shinobi and Ninja BOTH can assist in keeping your emissaries safe - as do border forts. BUT they are only able to do that when your emissaries are in your own territory.

    And yes - I have had kensai assasinated on the strategic map - I just posted on that issue LOL.

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