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    Since I am still unable to post the the question myself, can you forward the following to DUNGEON/ Medieval Mod IV v1.5:
    WesW - I basically agree with your philosophy on what should have priority when modding the game(historical correctness or game challenge). In the end it is a game.
    Having said that, here are my comments to MTW game playing cluding your Mod:
    The AI gives the Danes very early several strong Knight units (princes), now with your changes the Danes are even stronger and manage to conquer the northern part of Europe and reducing the Germans to a side show. In general, the Mod reduced the Germans even more (I heve never seen the AI develop the Germans into a major power after the initial early strong phase).
    In the East - Kiev came out relatively weak (certainly a game challenge). Kiev, Lithuvania, Livonia and Russia have a tremendous weakness, they can only build the initial, early units (only Boyars for Kings and princes) although all the necessary later buildings for more advanced units are present. They are an easy prey for the oriental factions. They should be able to build at least Boyars, the the princes come with them. Can this be corrected?

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    Done, and welcome to The Org .

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