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Thread: Adding new weapons to MTW

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    I want to add some new weapons to MTW, particularly a new grenade and maybe some new guns. Sure it's easy enough to add the lines in Projectile_Stats but this just crashes the game so I'm assuming I need to add something else somewhere. I plan to use existing pics for the new weapons so no editing there. Any ideas on how to do this.

    I've created a Grenadier unit, but want a different grenade to the one used by the Naptha Thrower.
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    I dont think it is currently possible to make new weapons, you can tamper with the Projectile_Stats obviously, so the only wasy to create new weapons is to change the name, and its stats, wheather its a gun, but for a gun youd have to overwrite the arbesquires stats.
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    Welcome to the Org youandwhosarmy. I love your name.

    A number of the modders visit this forum so there is a good chance you'll get an answer soon. We can copy this over the the Dungeon forum if we don't get a response within a day.
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    Gregoshi: I just replied to your e-mail

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