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Thread: is character mod possible?

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    Hi there, I am getting frustrated in getting totally disloyal or useless generals when playing at the hardest levels. Has anybody come up with a remedy to this? - any suggestions more than welcome.

    In addition, what is the way of being able to produce Templars without organizing a crusade?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yeah, you will end up with crappy generals on the harder difficultly settings. You can always improve their loyalty by giving them a title or marry one of them to your princesses.

    About the Templars, don't know about that.

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    no u cant produce Templars in other way; as well Knights Santiago, Teutonic Kights
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    Welcome to the Org efstratios.

    You got your answers. Also check out the Table of Contents for answers to many perplexing aspects of the game.
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    I hope in RTW moding will be made much easier.

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    Is it possible to either edit the game to modify what triggers a certain vice (like maybe having eager to retreat not apply when outnumbered more than 4-1) or to make certain virtues have a more definate trigger ( such as having Clever Assistants apply when a general absorbs a unit with a 4 acumen or better general)?.

    Further: can more names be added to the names list to allow for more diversity in the names? I'd like to avoid having 3 Halfidhi Hrafnsons again. Any chance I can add Duncan McLeod as a historical figure? (Scottish Highlander)

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    I think the Vices&Virtues are hardcoded, but correct me on that if I'm wrong.
    As for adding names, it should be possible if you use the exactly same syntax as the others use in the names.txt file.
    Also it is possible to edit the unit production spreadsheet in a way that allows templars and other order soldiers being produced like any normal unit, you can edit the building prerequisites to your liking. Go look in the Dungeon forum for detailed information please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]As for adding names, it should be possible if you use the exactly same syntax as the others use in the names.txt file.
    It is not exactly true. I simply fixed the spelling of the Polish generals, without adding any, just changing the letters, and the game would freak out. I was getting some error messages along with the new names, so I am not sure if that is so easy. I did not get to try this again, but I might...


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