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Thread: The Rise of the New Holy Roman Empire

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    It was the year of our Lord 1349. The power of the Holy Roman Empire was at it's peak. The Empire had absorbed the Danish provinces of Denmark and Livonia, in the procees killing the Danish King, Ericsson and his heir. The Empire had also taken the rebel province of Lithuania. Then a civil war broke out. Lord der Stoltze, backed by Prince Hermann and Prince Lothair, usurped the throne. Emporor Ludwig and his staunchest supporter, Princes Alfonso, could do nothing to stop him. But they began massing forces in Austria. But their efforts weren't enough. In 1351, the newly crowned Arnold I, took their last province of Austria and Ludwig and Alfonso were put to the blade.

    (I picked the rebel side of Lord der Stoltze by the way. But I was wondering about something. I can't play battle mode. Everytime it tries to load it says hard sprites failed to load. Could somebody help me out?)
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    See your other post on this subject.
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