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Thread: Reply for using Arty in Mp

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    i think that arty is quite useless...
    there are plenty of contromisure for taking minimun damage from it: example 1)Arba far from troops only cover by cav, in this manner the cannon make 5/6 victim each.
    2) arba in centre of the army with the infantry not rear them
    3) not deploy in 3/4 rows but in single line army.

    with this simple things you can avoid the mass cannon or catapult killings. I'm pretty amazed by player that if see one catapult start to cry out and make a whirwind rush attack lol

    See you m8s

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    Rikimaru, you can post there now. You must have tried posting right before your promotion. Anyway, go ahead and stretch your this post in the Jousting Field
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    Thx m8



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