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Thread: Help to patrician 1.3 !!

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    Cant post into dungeon so i am posting her mayby king david (or who ever is doing the maps??)will see this?

    about the names of provinces:

    Hi all
    I request your help. I´m changing the province names of the original MTW map to the Roman Empire Age (for Patrician) and i have a big problem. The problem is about the provinces that weren´t Roman Lands as Germania, Scandinavia, Russia, etc. These land were dominated by many tribes and´s very difficult. The period is more or less 100BC-300AD. The provinces are:

    -Friesland (Frisia)
    -Poland (Vandali)
    -Saxony (Chauci or Saxony)
    -Denmark (Angli)
    -Sweden (HENDII)
    -Norway (THULE)
    -Silesia (Lugii)
    -Pomerania (Lemovii)
    -Bohemia (Boii)
    -Brandenburg (Semnones)
    -Prussia (Rugia)
    -Volhynia (Carpii)
    -Moldavia (Scythia)
    -Kiev (Sarmatia)
    -Crimea (TAURICA)
    -Pereyaslavi (ROXOLAM)
    -Chernigov (BASTARNAE)
    -Lithuania (Venedae)
    -Livonia (Aestii)
    -Finland (FINIS)
    -Smolensk (NAVARII)
    -Muscovy (SERES) //means china ,the romans thought that china started there:)
    -Volga-Bulgaria (TYRAS-OBLIA)
    -Khazar (Alani)
    -Georgia (COLCHIS)
    -Novgorod (VARYAGII) //scandinavian tribes who in the end formed russia
    -Ryazan (ALATONES)

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    Hello rokka.

    I checked the last two pages of the Patrician thread but saw no discussion regarding province names. If you tell me which thread to post it in, I'd be happy to copy the above post over there.
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    Try here for those you don't yet know -


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