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Thread: For mod to answer

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    Hey whats the deal I used to be able to do polls but now I cant I only made like 2 polls......
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    MW, I'll give you an explanation but you'll probably think it doesn't make sense.

    The simple answer is that Senior Patrons (SP) can't post polls. All other can. Junior Patrons (JP) were allowed to post polls because they can only post in the Entrance Hall. In the main forums, polls were a feature allowed for those who could handle the responsibility, i.e., Junior/Senior Members (JM/SM). Originally you remained a SP until you demonstrated a level of maturity to be promoted to a JM and thus post polls. That changed in February. SP is now a temporary (about 1 week) level - a kind of shock prevention measure for those who have been freed to the main forums.

    So fear not MW, you'll be posting polls in no time. You can use the downtime to think up some good polls this time. Just kidding.
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    Yes, the overkill of the polls lately... some of them were good though, yes


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