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Thread: Turkey shoot fixed in MI/WE?

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    To those with MI / WE:

    Did they fix the garrison behavior during castle assaults?

    In STW 1.12, it's possible to (once the defenders have run out of arrows) bring over musketeeres / arquebusiers to right in front of the gate (but NOT within hand-to-hand range of whoever's right behind... there's a line that you shouldn't cross), and blaze away.

    And blaze away.

    And blaze away on max time compression, until you run out of ammo and bring up the next musketeer unit.

    As an example (this was actually mostly to test texture memory requirements), when staging a bizarre battle where I had at least one of every unit (to test textures, as I said) assaulting a Citadel, my 120-man musk unit got over 370 kills firing through the gate -- mostly ashis, but they were largely responsible for wiping out a Nag unit.

    The musks would shred a unit at point-blank, the victims would be rotated out and another batch brought forth, they'd be shredded...

    So, in this situation, what does the AI do now -- charge out of the castle, duck behind the walls, or rotate in the next batch of victims?

    He is justly served; It is a poison temper'd by himself.
    He is justly served; It is a poison temper'd by himself.

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    They still just sit there and take the pounding.


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