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    i'm going to buy a new graphics card i'm thinking about buying the ati radeon 9000 pro is that a good card?

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    Read the thread on video cards in the apothecary it has some good advice on the subject
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    Hi jones
    I believe that's an ATI Radeon 9700 PRO.
    Yes it's a good card.
    I know a couple of people who have it, and they're quite happy with it.
    Also, check out the GeForce series of cards from NVIDIA.
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    As far as ATI, you want to get any card designated as PRO if you can afford one. 9700 PRO is nice, but IMHO it is an overkill, given the price. 9700 is not a lot cheaper (around $200 now with some online stores?). 9500 PRO (I have one) costs close to $170 and pumps enough juice to play games on 1600x1200 with a good CPU. 9000 PRO is really the low level card now, aroud $100?, and the cheapest oen you shoudl consider (I do not know from where are you upgrading). As to NVidia, usually, the same price gets you a better performing ATI, but it is not a rule. Watch out for many names, and things like MX 420 running slover than GForce 3 (Lot's of people get f**** over due to their naming policy). And finally, if you need the support for DirectX9, get the ATI 9K+, as the GF4 does not support it, and the FX is not really out yet....


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