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Thread: Just playing around with the kensai

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    Well, I know there have been tons of discussion about the unfairness of certain units. Including the in/famous kensai unit. Well, for fun at early in the morning. I decided to set up a custom battle between the computer and I.

    It involved me with with 16 kensai units with 12 of them at H6 and 3 armor and 3 weapons. The other 4 were H7 with the same. The computer was given 8 H2 monks and 4 H2 nodachi. Heh.

    Well, it was run in the summer on the 4th Kawajima battlefield and on expert. It was foggy and the computer was the attackers. It was quite a blast just to charge my kensai in and wait how long they would last. They killed 618 to all 16 lost. This was all in 5 minutes time.

    The manximum kill for a kensai was 74 to 1 and the minimum was 14 to 1. What a difference. LOL

    Well, if anyone else has kooky stories like this. Post them!
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    ok i was in campaign mode and i had 2 units of arcehrs and 3 monks and i lost 50 men trying to kill one daimyo! he just kept killing and runig! gahh i fiunally got him hoguh..ah hsweet victory/ sad too bad bye-bye.

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    ROFL, I was after Oda once and after routing his entire force I swung back into his rear. In the meantime he had routed the YS unit facing him at the cost of his entire bodyguard. No problem, I slammed my YA into him, routed. My other YS, routed. First SA, routed. Second SA, routed. Third SA with taisho, routed and taisho's head taken after it routed. Who needs a flippy kensai?

    Of course, I've seen the opposite more often than not, so this is cool.

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    although i play the "all seen Ai" i like to hide a kensai between my nodachi. this ogre shaped shogun wears the same clothes
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    I was playing a Capaign as Hojo in Sado in Winter. I easily routed all the enemy's troops except the Uesegi Daimyo. Killed all his body guards, and flanked him from every direction possible. I got bored and put the game on full speed, and after a few minutes he was still standing. Eventually, this one daimyo killed my general, i routed, and lost the battle to one darn soldier!

    This happen to anyone?

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    Honour to Clan Shades!

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    No, haven't lost the battle before, but have taken about 30 casualties... kind of a stupid "feature."
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