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Thread: Defeating the Mongol Horde in one turn...

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    I have only been able to do it once - but because of the time limitation - hide your ashigaru in the woods to one side of the battlefield. Hide the archers with general on the other. The ashigaru will conceal, the archers will not. When the horde closes in, route the archers so they can get away without loss. With a little luck no one will scout out your ashigaru as the AI seems to think you would not split your forces. At the end of 35 minutes - poof you win the battle. The first strategic turn you play you can capture the 3 outstanding provinces and poof you win.

    This is a CHEAP way of winning - but it still felt good! ROFL

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    To quote my friend and yours, Dr. Alan Grant, "Where's the fun in that?"

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    Wow, that is quite cheap. He, he, I knew someone would come up with something like that.

    *goes to try it*
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    Just tried this a dozen times on expert. In every case a MLC runs over to the woods where the YA, never getting close enough to break concealment and sits there. After the SA routs off the map, the MLC unit runs right at the YA, loses a couple and pulls out of the woods to use missile fire on the YA while the rest of the army concentrates.


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