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Thread: Berber Camels

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    I', not really impressed with my Berber Camels. For 300 florin a unit, I don't find them terribly effective. They are too weak to fight heavy or medium cavalry, too slow to catch light cavalry or horse archers, and not terribly effective against infantry (certainly nowhere near as good as any other type of horse archer I've used). I have a bit of trouble using horse archers generally, but I've never had as much trouble as I have had with the Berbers.

    Any tips on how to get the most out of my camels?

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    If you have Berber camels I assume you mean the archer units?

    Good flanking skirmish unit as horses fear camels, and they are just fast enough to stay away from infantry.

    I use all my missile units in MTW not as killing blow units but as manuvering elements. I use them to make the AI move where I want them to. To the AI to move away from a flank or to move off a hill.

    If it is the HTH Eygpt units, they are very good units to charge in the rear of enemy horses... it will break them very nicely as the rear charge and fear factor combine.

    Either way they are not centre, stalwart units, you will have to carefully use them. But they do very well in the desert. And to get the best benefit make the christian hordes sweet it out running around the map until they are fatigued,
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    Berber Camels are excellent skirmishing units for some of the earlier battles where you'll face nothing but foot soldiers. Used correctly and intelligently, one or two units of Berber Camels could take out five or more units of foot soldiers by themselves. Throw in a few units of Murabitin Infantry to distract the foot soldiers from direct attempts on your camels and you have a recipe for Early Period dominance
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    Berbers stats aren't much lower than Bedouin Camel Warriors. This plus their missle ability makes them a good unit to have. v0 Berbers must be taken care of though, as they will route easily. But even Berbers can take cav head on, and do very well, especially in the desert. I only use my camels in the desert and arid terrains. By the time I expand far past these areas I'm usually building better cavs that can be used in lush and temperate terrains. Then the camels can be left back in the desert/arid.

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    I agree with Aelwyn. Camels should be used in deserts only, as part of a balanced army. They are really quite effective there.
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    Camels kill mounted knights really well what more could you ask for? muslim armies lack great cav units but throw in a few camels and your cav will be victorious camels are fine on arid maps too, and in temepperate terrain they can still kill chiv knights

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