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Thread: Well Ive played the 5 campains (WI) so far and ...

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    Hi All,

    Well I just spent the better part of 4 days (played 5 campaings; including mongul attack and defend) playing the x-pac and here are my comments.

    The Good ...

    1) I think that the x-pac has improved and already very cool game greatly.

    2) The SP campains are much mor fun to play now. All of the clans are now truly playable. With the new campaings added it makes it even better.

    3) I think the new mongul and japanese units are a great addition to the game.

    4) I dont think the moral issue is as big as some do but maybe i need to play some MP b4 i make my mind up on that i guess.

    5) The addition of the editor is just cool.

    The not so good (nmaybe even bad) ...

    1) No mongul vs mongul ... whats up with that?

    2) the auto rout bug still alive ... wheres the RAID???

    cant think about anything else bad.

    Stuff that i like that some dont ...

    1) Armor and weapon upgrades in MP ...

    2) The moral issue ...

    Personally I like these additions ...

    #1 allows for some more creativity in online play in my opinon as u can beef up some units for a surprise now and them ... and also its always possible to agree with other players online as to how you want to play ... I like the flexibility and the new strats that might develope.

    #2 I'm treading a little light here but, from what I've seen, flanking/geting behind/etc etc etc tactics are all alive and well in the game. The game just felt more controllable to me. Whatever that means. .

    Agree or Flame Away

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    In Reality ...

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    Pretty much total agreement.

    I have 78 comp games now. Morale has been the most important part of almost all of them. It just happens now when units are under 20 men instead of at full. I think I prefer how it is now a lot better.

    I've had some VERY close battles and am loving it.

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    Yea ... I guess I can see why people would want it the other way ... kinda ... it just feels abit more "somthing" dont know how to explain it but like it better ... the army feels abit more stable. If they lossened it up a tad it would be ok I think.

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    In Reality ...


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