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Thread: Fun with Mongol Campaign

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    I was playing the Mongol Campaign, and having a hard time 'garrisoning' provinces, fending off Hojo and getting enough pillage to 'earn' reinforcements,

    I was rapidly running out of men,
    and decided a mobile defence was best,
    So i combined my garrisons, and began to move around a little,
    naturally ungarrisoned provinces rebelled and I had to 'quell' the uprisings,

    The rebels appear to be mostly ashigaru, very few samurai, and i earn koku each time!
    PROVIDED I let the rebels 'conquer' the province! 8)

    ALSO I watched the Great Kahn take my pillage for summer/autumn and not send me more troops!
    So the Kahns a scrooge, now i don't attack new provinces in Summer or Autumn.

    I make the Kahn send me troops for the pillage i generate, he gets nothing for free

    So don't bother garrisonng provinces, except maybe river provinces,
    and don't attack in summer or autumn,
    and let the 'rebels' take those provinces,
    then you should have plenty of koku and plenty of re-inforcements...

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    You can win as the Mongols on expert without ever fighting a tactical battle. You simply keep moving and looting. Never defend a province against rebels, simply let them take it and then collect plunder for taking it again. Eventually the Hojo appear to start getting Shinobi so you will have to break down and start building border towers and forts. Otherwise you have to run halfway across Japan to put down growing revolts. You just grind up the Hojo, allowing no infrastructure to survive more than a turn or two before you show up again and loot the new buildings.


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