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Thread: *Possible* Bug regarding heirs and kensai....

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    My Mori clan leader died of old age so his eldest heir (a 4* HC general) took over the family business. Problem is that once he did he lost all his leader *'s. He wasnt even listed as a leader but im sure I could get him there.... now that i think about it, I may have just been looking at the old leaders 10 HC.. do they stick around after his death from old age? Maybe that was it... Ill double check.

    Is this normal? Does the heir lose all of his *s when he takes over as supreme leader? Seems odd.

    Oh, and my Kensai dont seem to gain honor. In the post battle screen they pick up 2-4 honor but their strategy screen honor never exceeds 1. Ive seen this with Mori kensai and Shimazu kensai so far.

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    Is it possible that you were looking at the wrong row and looked at the row for a different unit that did gain much honor?
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    In my campaign on the strategic screen the Kensai's honor incorrect and does not match the honor displayed on the battlefield.

    I have not had my one of the heirs take over yet, so I can't speak to the OT

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    i haven't gotten kensai yet,
    (currently playing a mongol invasion, and pillaging...i like pillaging...)

    can anyone confirm this possible bug?

    It may be happening with other units also, i have 'perhaps' spoted a battle awarded morale increase with MLC that the unit did not have on the strategic screen, but only once so far - meaning I could have made a mistake,
    But i am watching for it...
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    Btw if you want Kensai you can "conan" ie Clan Ronin.. I tried today, its there. It is the prefacture(sp) Tosa. Its fun...

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    oops, my reply went to the wrong thread.

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    no, i didnt make any mistakes with the kensai honor. Ive seen it several times now as well. Their unit honor on the strat screen doesnt match their post battle honor gains from the previous battle.

    It could be that kensai gain a high amount of honor (due to being solo) and the designers disallow it as its too much of a gain.


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