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Thread: Some concealment testing....Very interesting...

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    As you know, the Concealment "bug" is where a unit will show that it is concealed, yet the AI will move units directly to it and keep it from acting until other units are free to deal with it. The units then head directly for your concealed unit - leading one to believe that the AI is "cheating" by seeing hidden units.

    Well - the CA developers responded to my claim on this - in that a unit that was concealed still may have some men visible, allowing AI (or in theory, a human) to spot it and act accordingly.

    To test the validity of the claim of the developers, I took a single man unit - Kensai Sword Saint into battle with another unit against 5 mongol units. I upped morale to where my guys would not rout regardless. *This was a test after all - i was not out to actually fight*
    I hid my kensai in trees on one side - standing my naginata on my edge on a hill in plain sight. The mongols sent out the light cav - saw my naginata and grouped to attack it. Once they did I routed the naginata and only had the Kensai left. The AI ran around a bit - but never got very close to my kensai. Because of this - I must conclude that the CA developers were correct in their statement that the concealed Icon does not cover the entire unit.

    Because of this - I personally feel that the Icon needs to be re-adjusted. If its there - the entire unit should be concealed. If its not - then the entire unit should be visible. Otherwise you get a seriously false sense of your own unit's position. Let me be clear, I do understand the tactical challenge this creates, but I do feel that the game would be better without the concealment "gamble" it now has.

    To be honest, I was not sure that CA was correct in their claim, and I thank them for allowing us in the community to ask and test these issues and for their willingness to listen.

    Thoughts on the concealment gamble?
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    The gamble does make things interesting whether intended or not. But at the very least, now we know that the concealment icon is not necessarily accurate and can take appropriate precautions.

    Working as it currently does is realistic. Just because you think you are hidden doesn't necessarily mean you are hidden well. Regarding the initial problem as noticed, were there birds flying over the hidden unit? I know I look where the birds are as I'm advancing and check them out if things don't seem quite right.

    BSM, thanks for taking the time to pursue this issue.

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    I've done a little testing of my own, and i have found that it's not too difficult to completely conceal your entire unit. It just takes a skill we lab rats call "eyeballing"...

    In concealing units, i usually try to get them deep into the woodsy area... a forest hill works best for this, but i make sure that the trees aren't too sparse, and that, when i pull the camera back from them, i don't see any little unit flags or soldiers poking out of the edge of the treeline.

    In other words, use the deep cover... use your eyes, and not the icon.

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    Thats ok for the AI, but how does this work with two human players testing it?


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