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Thread: Emissary camoflage

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    I was playing a campaign(1530)as Useugi on expert.About 10 years into the campaign my ally,Takeda,sent an emissary into my capital province,Echigo.I figured he was spying on me to gauge his chances of attack,so I sent one of my "men in black"to take him out.On the next turn the emissary is gone,but not assasinated and my ninja is just hanging out in the province.I thought the emissary had moved on,but when I put the cursor over one of my units that was in the province,I couldn't move it,BECAUSE IT WASN"T MINE
    I held the cursor over the unit in disbelief,and it identified this Useugi blue unit as the TAKEDA EMISSARY I promptly ordered my ninja to show this weasel in sheep's clothing "Buddha's compassion".He was killed the following season.Talk about "Twilight Zone" LOL,he could have sat there in disguise for a while,and I would never have known I was being spied upon.Any one else ever experience that?Wish I would have taken a screen shot,but I forgot.

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    This game gets too wierd sometimes...
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    I just got MI yesterday and at the start of my first game (also Uesugi, Sengoku) there were 2 emissaries from other clans in Echigo which dissapeared at the end of the turn when I moved a shinobi into the province. So your not alone with this one.
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    Ninja assassination per chance?!

    Certainly seems to be the likely cause...

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