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Thread: When will we see first great mod?

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    when will we see mod of new type of civilization such as koreans or mongols? i know people are working on map but i want to see new types of soldiers and country using similar gaming engine.
    is there a way to make the soldier graphics better - a little larger and more identifiable??
    so we have to wait for next year when ea will provide engine for mods or can people do now and when??

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    This question would be best directed to the Editing/Mods/Patches forum, but since it's here I might as well answer it

    Altering the unit graphics is currently possible and BanzaiZAP is currently investigating these possibilities. As far as making unit graphics larger, I don't think that's possible without a patch. We have had patches that have improved graphics already, so there may be another.

    Full-scale mods in the style of Civilization II are not yet possible, but work is underway to examine how it could be made possible. Check out the Editing/Mods/Patches forum for more info!

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    Agreed Rob: great question, wrong forum. I'll send it down to the Editing / Mods / Patches forum and let Terazawa Tokugawa and the Boyz have at it.

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