There are so many threads about bugs/problems so I thought maybe I'll write about something else.

After STW came out last year, I have practically played the SP campaigns to death, winning as all clans on Normal, Hard and Expert, and sometimes more than once. Now that WE is out, I think I'm going to play it to death again, but probably just on Expert (for the Jap vs Jap campaigns).

I can handle the AI pretty well, and win almost all of my battles, but sometimes the AI still gives me nice surprises. So, never under-estimate the AI and never be over-confident. In a recent battle (I think I was attacking Hizen or Chikuzen), I had better troop quality and about the same numbers as the defending AI. I saw his general on a small plateau right in front and confidently marched all my men towards him. Then suddenly... I got ambushed by the AI, from some trees on my left flank. The AI actually used his general as bait. On Expert, being caught in a bad position is dangerous! I think I still managed to win, but with heavy losses.

Ha ha, I love this game.