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Thread: I have sent a request to Ritchie

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    Since the online campaign has been delayed/cancelled, I have sent a request to Ritchie at the .com site to alleviate the dissappointment, by offering us a downloadable, editable map of the provinces and any other items that may make it easier to hold our own online campaigns. What I would really like to see is a community campaign that would pit the Mongol lover's vs. the japanese lover's against each other for control of japan. So, that said; What would you consider valuable items to help in running/playing a community-sponsored online campaign? Maybe Ritchie could make a "campaign helper's pack" for download containing these items, so post some suggestions here. I would be willing to help host this campaign if it is agreed upon by the community. It will be a few months, until the rules, etc. . may be worked out, but we need to start discussions now. Also, WELCOME EUROPEANS! It's about time you showed up! Us americans may have been late arriving during WW2, but we had a great impact on the success of the war, now it is your time to return the favor, during this war!! We may even erect a statues in the Shogun lobby of you hero types out there. LOL

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    Check the Mods/Patches forum under a thread there. What your discussing is already in the beginning stages of being implimented. I have listed what ppl I need to port a working game over to shogun. The game in use now is not related to this forum, but has been in use roughly 2 yrs so its not just theory. If you have an interest and a willingness to dedicate the time required and have a skill we need, leave a post there.

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    and what he replied? this well listening webmonkey?
    quote:I gallop messages around, dont track me I can bring war as well

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    quote:I gallop messages around, dont track me I can bring war as well

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    Oh. No reply yet.

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    where is my all time buddy Target?
    quote:I gallop messages around, dont track me I can bring war as well


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