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Thread: Capture the Honjin!

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    Is there any reason why people seem to avoid this like the plague?

    It seems to me like a very good mode for multiplayer, both players must balance both attack and defence within a 16 unit army, yes it encouriges ninja enterprises and sneaky stuff like that, but it therefore also opens peoples eyes to it - makes them more alert, very interesting game if you ask me
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    yes it is a very good and intresting game but many more ppl seem to be playing king of the hill gane which is extreamly fun and also very challenging! i personnaly like both maybe king of hill shading it


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    the capture the honjin game seems to have a bug in it. during one 3v3 game online the honjins were all captured and some were re-captured by the original player and some couldnt be re-captured for some odd reason. the host said the max number needed to capture the thing was 5 men, i think, and it didnt matter how many we put in there, at leaast one of them couldnt be re-captured. there were no hidden units like ninja in it either. the honjin was empty of enemy but couldnt be re-captured. this was played on totomi. i dont know if it's any different on any other maps or not.

    as for king of the hill, that's now my favorite game style. tons of fun, specially in a 3v3 or 4v4 :)


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