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Thread: Few Questions from a newbie...

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    I bought the original game a while back...but somehow when I moved to a new state it got lost in the shuffle. Well I just bought the STW/WE version of the game and have a few questions. Most of these are single player at the moment because I am trying to gain some skills before going here goes.

    1. Any way to disable geisha's for both the AI and myself in the single player campaign mode...?

    2. Any way to keep the AI from suiciding it's only Daimyo's and Heirs? I personally like the Mori clan(warrior monks are cool) so I usually play them and within say 10-15 seasons after the beginning there are already two or three clans completely wiped out. Usually Oda, Uesegi, and Imigawa and sometimes Takeda(i apologize for any spelling mistakes on those names) depending on how aggressive I am at the beginning of the game. While I am struggling to take out Shiz and the ronins, Hojo starts cleaning up on the other side. It makes for a challenging game...but I find that once I break Hojo's main forces...all the rest is mopping up which can be a bit boring.

    3. What units are not used much in online play. I don't want to start playing online and find that a unit I use alot or that I am trying out is not used often because it is considering too powerfull and can make match's tilted in one direction before the troops are even set to march.

    4. Is the morale only a problem in the Mongol Invasion scenario's...or does all of STW/WE suffer from the changes to morale.(I have no preferance at the moment, but was just curious because I see alot of concern for it)

    5. Can you only build legendary buildings in one province. But you can build up to Famous in any province?

    6. As soon as you accept either the dutch or portugese you automatically become christian yourself correct? There is no way to allow a trading post to be build and remain with your original faith?

    More to follow...

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    1. No, as far as i can tell, but the CPU doesn't use them very much, so it's practically not even a factor.

    2. Daimyos are less suicidal in battle, but the reason those clans to the east end up getting wiped out is because they're all competeing with each other for the same resources in very close proximity. One clan is weakened inevitably, and the others take advantage of that weakness.

    3. Don't want to go into this too much, but all the units seem pretty well received (there was some early commotion about MHC, but everyone seems to be over that).

    4. The morale seems ot be most distinctly a problem in MP... the SP campaign is relatively fine.

    5. You can build up to legendary building in any province in which you can construct buildings.

    6. Well, the change isn't exactly automatic; i think you need to build churches to speed it up (don't quote me on this). Anyway, you can retain your Buddhist status - or at leats slow down the spread of Christianity - by bulding Buddhist temples.

    Anyone can feel free to correct me on anything on which i might have misspoke.

    "You have offended my family, and you have offended a Shaolin temple."
    "You have offended my family, and you have offended a Shaolin temple."

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    1. so far you can't disable them.
    2. i haven't had any problem with suicide daimyos. they run like the rest.
    3. most don't use naginaga or heavy cav, but not for reasons that they're too powerful.
    4. there are some threads on morale that cover it more in depth. look for them.
    5. legendary buildings are available to any province that has a citadel, but you must build up to them (see the tech-tree that came with your game). to have famous structures you must have a large castle.
    6. dutch don't require christianity.

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    Quote Originally posted by Lord Aeon:
    1. No, as far as i can tell, but the CPU doesn't use them very much, so it's practically not even a factor.[/QUOTE]

    I was just curious because I was playing one campaign and every 2 years or so another fresh geisha from Takeda would show up and start trying to off my heirs and was rather annoying. I had to continually move my daimyo around so she couldn't get the attempt off while builing up a geisha(i don't like them at all)...and all my high honor ninja's were usually killed by them when I sent them in. They just seem way too powerfull. I can understand the dev's wanting to make sure games don't take forever or to go into a stalemate...but they should at least allow you to toggle certain units, or edit a text file to disallow the geisha which I find are rather cheap. that one of the mongol units, mongol heavy cavalry or something? I have yet to play the MI part yet, I'm trying to get back into playing the original one...once I get the hang of that again and beat a few campaigns I'll try out MI.

    And thanks both for the answers...I'm sure I'll have more questions.


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