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Thread: Pachinko vs Imagawa,Takeda,Hojo

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    This is new to me... I was defending Kai. Imagawa and Takeda versus Uesugi (me) (this is not knew). So i was high ground.. then I said HOJO!! hmmm all right... BUT ALL 3 clans was a huge battlefield!!! It was so kool. Here it is me... On the high ground and three clans was just kicken there arse! Two of em the generals was dead.

    Have you seen it?


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    Post a screen shot

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    Well, I had a battle which was similar.

    Defending Shinano with my level 6 general. I had a little under 700 troops. Takeda attacked with 2600, Uesugi showed up with 2400.

    I went off to talk with my roomate when the battle kicked off (forgot to pause). Fortunately Takeda and Uesugi were busy in their heated dog-fight during my absense.

    I returned just in-time to hear the news that Takeda's Daimyo had turned into a pin-cushion.

    Of course you might have already guessed: Uesugi's archers had the higher ground, but Takeda's army were far more stronger. So despite the death of their Daimyo, Takeda still managed to drive Uesugi off the cliff, after taking Uesugi Taisho's head.

    During the spectacular show, I was a happy by-stander. Except for once, a unit of Takeda cavalry archer was chasing a unit of Uesugi cavalry archer, and they ended up running into my impetuous army ...

    Anyway, now that Uesugi was out of the battlefield, I decided to show the "victorious" Takeda what the word "slaughter" truly means.

    Ended up taking about 600 heads with something like 22 loss.

    Afterward, I checked the log file. Takeda and Uesugi both made around 500 kills on each other.

    The next turn, I heard Takeda reading some nice death poem. That basically was the end of the campaign, as Takeda was the only worthy rival clan left at the stage.

    So in another word, I won the campaign at the cost of about a couple of dozen men, while Takeda and Uesugi lost something like 1600 in total.

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