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Thread: MOVIES are a FIASCO!

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    I got my new MONGOL INVASION ... THE INTRO WAS A BEATIFUL PIECE OF WORK ...of course from AKIRA KUROSAWA and not from EA or CA... grrrr... WTF they think we r? IDIOTS?...

    ALL THE MOVIES are only playing sequences in different order... NOBUNAGA, TAKEDA etc...


    BAD VERY BAD EA!... we can see taht u didnt put all ur effort in the expansion...

    for other side only new units andd bigger maps make me happy but u can make better things u r a BIG COMPANY ... maybe u need to think about the players and not about CLIENTS and MONEY!


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    It's better to let the enemy alive as to kill it ... To TORTURE it

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    In case you didn't notice, Celtibero-san, most of the movies (not event animations) in the original game are composed of the same clips played in different sequences. Now, I'm sure you know how much work it is to create a Lightwave 3D animation from scratch. And especially how much money. You're right - this is only an expansion. That means they didn't have as much money and time to spend on the movies as they did when making the original.

    I am fairly sure that a lot of people here would rather have forgone the not-so-few movies they did add (the Mongol ones, and the new ninja EvAnims, for example) to put even more time and effort to the game itself, to the testing, to effect an earlier release date. To them, the movies are only superficial, and it is the gameplay where effort should be concentrated.

    IMHO, this just shows how darn hard it is to please "the community". No matter what you do, there's always going to be someone who says it should have been done differently.

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    if u want a movie watch a movie, if u want a game get shogun :P anyway game developers dont make that much money at all, the people that do the code for the game, and they work a long time on just 1 game, let them squeeze a lil more

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    He he... I'll say it again: When it comes to anything software this is law:

    You may spend 1000 hours developing the greatest application in the world and 10 minutes making its visuals. But in the end, it will be those visuals that you will be judged by.

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    Anyone know how to view all the "event animations". The movies I found with "Search for files"
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    the movies can be found in the STW folder. Just open your game folder and search around a bit.

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    Quote Originally posted by Chiyonofuji:
    Anyone know how to view all the "event animations". The movies I found with "Search for files"[/QUOTE]
    Make sure you have full install.
    Like Solypsist mentioned,look in the STW folder,then in files, Evanims and Movies.
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    If you want eye candy games, play the C&C series.

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    I was disappointed that they just ripped stuff from a movie (excellent and appropriate as "Ran" is) for the titles, rather than coming up with something themselves.

    No that any of it matters - you only watch the vid clips once anyway.


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