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Thread: Retrain?

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    I've read a couple threads with people talking about it. Is this something available in STW, or only in Mongol?

    If available in STW, would re-training a unit keep you from being able to train a new unit that season?

    And is there a cost for re-training?



    Wait until they run, they are easier to kill that way.

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    In the Expansion, you can "Retrain/Upgrade" units. Upgrading a unit in a province requires a castle and any one building capable of training units. In order to queue a unit, go into the training queue for the province, select the army of the unit, select the unit, and drag the unit into the queue. When it comes up for production, it will gain any bonuses from the various buildings in the province as if it were produced there, such as armor or weapons or morale. This is free.

    Retraining would be better stated as reinforcing. It uses the same process as upgrading, but you must do it in a province with a dojo capable of producing the type of troop you want to "retrain". Go through all the same steps, and when the unit comes out it will be filled out to a full 60 or 120 or whatever it started at. This costs money relative to the number of men you had reinforce.

    And to answer your second question, yes, this does take up a space in the training queue as does any other training action.

    This is quite a useful new feature, especially the upgrading. Also note that you also can now combine units in any way you want (by dragging a depleted unit on top of another, even if they add up to more than 60). Have fun!


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